Goodbye dyna: A History

Located on top of a giant shield volcano surrounded by glacial mountains and ancient lava flows, the Central Oregon High Desert birthed a sound as unique as it’s landscape. Not metal nor hard rock, but more like obsidian; Glossy and smooth, heavy and dark with dense layers.  

Born in what was once the isolated and sparsely populated Bend, Oregon, Andy Jacobs has been a staple in the local music scene since 1997. While playing for local bands such as Thought Police and Blame Amy, Jacobs began writing and performing his own music under the name Goodbye Dyna. Watch the story of Goodbye Dyna unfold over 20 years of progressive albums and eclectic songs inspired by real life, love, demons, and pop culture.


Andy Jacobs in full songwriting mode

"Most everyone's mad here." 

Innocence descends to madness. Youthful naivety shatters in the chaos. Loss, despair and curiosity set in.

After watching the classic Disney cartoon Alice In Wonderland in 2002, Jacobs realized the story held a visual parallel to the sound he was trying to harness in his new music project. The project was then aptly named Goodbye Dyna, and Jacobs quickly went further down the rabbit hole.

Already influenced by classics such as The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and Pink Floyd, modern acts like Nirvana, Muse, Queens of the Stone Age, and several local bands Jacobs played in also played a large role in his songwriting. 

"I wonder which way I ought to go"

Are you ready to go down the rabbit hole?


Goodbye Dyna is the name of the music project founded in 2002 by Andy Jacobs, formerly of Bend-based rock bands Thought Police, Blame Amy, Sons of Dirt, Subliminal & The Color Study.

The band has consisted of various members through different periods to bring Jacobs' vision to the stage. Past members include Mike Larson (Thought Police/Blame Amy), Adam Lowry (Blame Amy), Jason Schmidt (Vihara/Mosely Wotta), Tyler Moss (Vihara), Dylan Alm (Third Fire/Sons of Dirt), Brent Barnett (The Rum & The Sea) and Matt Jackson (The Color Study/Via For Real).

New Members Robert Wynia (Floater) and Jarred Grant (Thought Police, Fly Upright Kite, Cashwood, Spirit Label) have joined Jacobs at Abbey Road Studios in London to record Goodbye Dyna’s next album in the fall of 2022. The new album, Lava Meets Water, has a psychedelic/punk rock flavor and will be available in 2024. The first single, Punk Rock Queen, will be available on December 21st.  Stay tuned!

If you’re interested in other bands that Jacobs is currently playing in, check out That 90's Band and Magical Mystery Four.