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Lava Meets Water: Presale - Black Vinyl

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Recorded at Abbey Road Studios. Goodbye Dyna’s 'Lava Meets Water' is the trio's psychedelic punk rock masterpiece.

Black vinyl - lyric sleeve included

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Lava Meets Water: Presale - Black Vinyl the Lost
$30.00 Save 10.0%!

new album cover!

stay tuned for the vinyl presale.

Available everywhere this Wednesday, February 7th.  JETTISON will be the second single from the upcoming Goodbye Dyna album 'Lava Meets Water '.

Punk Rock Queen

Goodbye Dyna

Punk Rock Queen is a pop/punk song by the band Goodbye Dyna. Recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London. The music video was made with Neural Frames AI animation software and is about a naive young boy who meets a cool punk chick with a dark past.

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Punk Rock Queen will be available everywhere Dec 21st. 

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